Soudeh Farzadfar

Ph.D. Student, University of Saskatchewan
Supervisor: Dr. Kate Congreves

About Soudeh Farzadfar

Soudeh is originally from Iran. She obtained her MSc degree in plant biology from Tarbiat Modares University of Iran, graduating with distinction. After two years of experience working with an agricultural company, she was awarded a Dean’s Scholarship to pursue her PhD degree in Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan under the supervision of Dr. Kate Congreves. For her PhD research, she will focus on nitrogen biogeochemical cycling. Her PhD will include field, greenhouse, and lab-based studies aimed at increasing the knowledge and understanding of the processes that regulate the turnover N compounds and nutrient provisioning. By focusing on nutrient management in intensive vegetable cropping systems, this work will contribute to the development of more sustainable food production while minimizing negative impacts on soil health and ecosystem services. Her personal hobbies include travelling, cooking and participating in many outdoor activities.


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