Sarah Fox

M.Sc. Student, University of Guelph
Supervisor: Dr. Kari Dunfield

About Sarah Fox

Sarah grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, where she completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at Carleton University. An urban farm in Ottawa’s east end sparked her curiosity in the potential for sustainable agriculture to be an effective means of addressing both social and environmental issues. After spending the better part of her undergrad looking through a microscope as a research technician, and the better part of her summers working on small-scale farms, pursuing a masters in soil microbiology was a natural choice. Her research looks at the impacts of different pasture management strategies and how they affect soil microbial ecology. Sarah hopes to learn about practical ways of sustainably managing agricultural soils, and how these methods can be applied to support more resilient and just food systems. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cooking, making playlists, and learning about fungi.