Rida Sabirova

Ph.D. Student, University of Manitoba
Supervisor: Dr. Mario Tenuta

About Rida Sabirova

Rida is a Ph.D. candidate from Russia where she completed her BSc and MSc in Soil Science at the Moscow State University. Her educational goal is to contribute to the study of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the University of Manitoba Rida is investigating emissions of N2O from soils with nitrification inhibitors. In collaboration with AAFC-Ottawa and the University of Guelph, Rida will first determine existing gaps in the Canada-DNDC model that prevent 4R practices to be simulated, and then use datasets from the Lab’s past and current field projects to incorporate 4R practices into the model. In the addition, laboratory analysis will be held which will study the effect of nitrification inhibitors on N2O emissions in dependence on soil properties (SOC, pH, soil texture), and the data will be included in the model as well. Rida keens on dancing, crafting, and playing guitar.