Peter Tyedmers

Peter Tyedmers

Position: Professor; School for Resource and Environmental Studies

ecological economics, food systems, life cycle assessment, industrial sustainability, carbon footprint

About Peter Tyedmers

Professor Tyedmers is an ecological economist whose research explores questions related to understanding the scale of human dependence on ecosystem services and productivity, and the role that technological, and other choices that we make, have on the biophysical sustainability of human activities. He is particularly keen to examine choices that we make in the name of sustainability to help ensure that we are indeed moving in a positive direction. In practice, much of his research focuses on food systems and their sustainability. This includes using tools like life cycle assessment and energy analysis to evaluate the environmental performance of terrestrial crop and livestock systems (e.g. grape wine, apple, dairy, etc), as well as a wide range of seafood systems from both fisheries and aquaculture.

Peter holds a Ph.D. in Resource Management and Environmental Studies, and an LL.B. from the University of British Columbia, and a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo.

“Food systems are inexorably linked to human activities (we can’t live without them), but are also important drivers of resource depletion and environmental degradation at both local and global scales. They are also seemingly infinitely complex and fun to learn about.”

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