Omelnisaa Giddam

M.Sc. Student, University of Guelph
Supervisor: Dr. Helen Hambly

About Omelnisaa Giddam

I am a resident of Guelph-Ontario, SUDAN Citizen and CANADA Permanent Resident. Currently M.Sc. Student – Master of Science, Capacity Development and Extension (International Development Studies)- University of Guelph. I am interested in conducting my research as a CREATE-CSS Scholar (MSc) with newcomers to Canada, who have very different cultural backgrounds, including widely differing food choices and levels of experience with agriculture and agri-food systems. My research supports a practical, durable and resilient socio-ecological solution to this complex issue. Drawing on my previous MA (“The Generation and Utilization of Indigenous and Scientific Innovations in Vegetable Production by Farmers in Wadi Kutum, Sudan.”)- University of Khartoum, I am planning to work with newcomers in the City of Guelph and Wellington county, linking basic and culturally-significant food production techniques to soil improvement and thus carbon sequestration and climate change. My research will provide hands-on training in “smart soil to fork” techniques (composting, permaculture, crop rotation, companion planting) with a structure that enables the learners to quickly become teachers; thus ensuring widespread agricultural knowledge-transfer over time in the urban areas. I became interested in this topic as the result of my volunteering work basis, with Non -profit organizations and community project in Canada whose work and principles align with my skills and interests such as The Food from Home = Food for Home project, which is a collaboration with Our Food Future, that help newcomers and their communities to grow their food is affordable, accessible and good for environment. I propose to work in partnership with CREATE CSS to identify cases/project evaluation and to link my research project and results with policy development for climate change adaptation target achievements.I hope my research and CREATE-CSS experience might help me to build strong professional networks that link me into the international and local sustainable community development and climate change adaptation programs. ​