Meiling Man

Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. Myrna Simpson

About Meiling Man

Meiling is from Zhuhai, a coastal city in South China and is going into the final year of her PhD study at the University of Toronto. She obtained a BSc (2014) and a MSc (2017) in Geology at the Department of Earth Science at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China. Since 2017, Meiling started her PhD research at the University of Toronto and her interests focus on soil organic matter compositional changes and degradation in response to different agricultural management. She has collaborated with the University of Guelph to investigate how soil carbon composition changes under crop rotation, nitrogen fertilization and varied tillage practices in a long-term. Meiling is also working with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada to determine soil organic matter biogeochemistry and dynamics under a broad range of climate variables and soil properties in cropping ecosystems. Her goal is to understand soil carbon dynamics at the molecular-level in managed ecosystems and to provide fundamental information for global carbon cycling prediction.


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