Maia Rothman

Undergraduate Research Student, McGill University
Supervisor: Dr. Cynthia Kallenbach

About Maia Rothman

In 2017 Maia moved from her home state of Alaska to pursue a degree in food science. As she learned more about the field, she grew increasingly interested in understanding the foundations of the food system, and in the challenges that come with feeding a growing population. She is now in the final year of her Global Food Security degree, with a specialization in ecological agriculture. Her current research is focused on understanding how flood conditions affect soil N dynamics. She hopes to use this experience in an applied manner, working with farmers, community organizations, and/or development agencies to help balance the competing needs of human development and ecosystem services provided by the world’s soils. In her free time, she enjoys kombucha brewing, picnicking, and tending to her numerous houseplants.