Laura Carruthers

Ph.D. Student, University of Saskatchewan
Supervisor: Dr. Kate Congreves

About Laura Carruthers

Laura has been involved in agriculture her whole life, growing up on a mixed farm in northwest Saskatchewan. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Crop Science. Through undergrad courses and a summer spent working in export fruit production in the Okanagan, Laura developed a passion for horticultural crops. In 2022, Laura started work on her MSc at the University of Saskatchewan under the supervisor of Dr. Kate Congreves. This project investigated nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency of multiple potato cultivars and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with potato production. In January 2024, she transferred to the PhD program and will continue this research and expand her work in the field of nitrogen cycling. Outside of academics, Laura enjoys travelling, paddleboarding, and training/competing in Olympic weightlifting.