Laetitia Mukungu

M.Sc. Student, University of Manitoba
Supervisor: Dr. Martin Entz

About Laetitia Mukungu

Laetitia comes from Kenya. She obtained her B.Sc. degree in Agronomy (2018) from EARTH University in Costa Rica. Her passion for sustainable agriculture was cultivated since childhood while growing up on the farm with her smallholder grandparents. Driven by her interest in building resilient agricultural food systems, especially for smallholder farmers, Laetitia’s research looks at the long-term consequences of recycled nutrients additions on soil health and crop growth. Her M.Sc. will analyze different manures used by farmers, their effect on soil properties and crop growth, and their potential environmental contamination when used in excess. She will later recommend various blends of manures to increase crop yield and reduce P deficiency, especially on organic farms. In her spare time, Laetitia enjoys watching pet videos, listening to music (African, Spanish, and Pop), doing Zumba, and learning Portuguese on Duolingo.