Headshot of Kate Congreves

Kate Congreves

Position: Assistant Professor; Department of Plant Sciences

agricultural economics, cropping systems, natural resource economics

About Kate Congreves

Dr. Congreves’ program is focused on Environmental Agronomy with an emphasis on soil health, nutrient cycling and crop nutrient use, and greenhouse gas emissions. She studies the fundamental mechanisms that regulate nitrogen and carbon cycling, soil ecosystem services, and sustainable crop production. Current research projects in the Congreves lab are addressing: 1) how soil health is influenced by cropping system management; 2) the edaphic and environmental factors regulating nutrient cycling and crop nutrient use efficiency; 3) methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The group is particularly interested in intensive cropping systems – such as vegetable production, but they also evaluate field cropping systems.

“I enjoy how soil science blends the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics – integrating these different layers into one discipline”

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