Headshot of Kari Dunfield

Kari Dunfield

Position: Professor; Applied Soil Ecology, School of Environmental Sciences, Canada Research Chair, Environmental Microbiology of Agro-ecosystems

Microbiology, molecular techniques, biogeochemical cycling, soil function

About Kari Dunfield

Kari Dunfield is Canada Research Chair in Environmental Microbiology of Agro-ecosystems and one of Canada’s premier scientists working at the intersection of microbiology, ecology and soil science. A graduate of the University of Calgary, (BSc Microbiology 1995) and the University of Saskatchewan (MSc Plant Science 1999; PhD Soil Science 2002), she also did postdoctoral research at the University of Maine (2003).  Dr. Dunfield’s use of cutting edge molecular techniques to investigate challenging issues related to agricultural practices, environmental change and soil biodiversity have propelled her work to the forefront of her field. Her goal is to improve our understanding of soil ecosystem services in order to promote the development of sustainable farming practices that protect the environment while meeting the increasing requirements for food, feed and biofuels.  Dr. Dunfield was awarded an Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation Early Researcher Award in 2011 and currently serves as a co-Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Microbiology.

“Soils are alive and host a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity. Soils are extremely complex systems and spatially variable.”

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