Emily Laage

M.Sc. Student, Dalhousie University
Supervisor: Dr. Peter Tyedmers

About Emily Laage

Emily Laage is from Michigan, USA and completed her undergraduate degree at Purdue University in Indiana: earning herself a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Emily’s concentration was in sustainability, which led her to a year-long study abroad at Dalhousie where she met her current supervisor and learned about the Masters project she is now undertaking. Emily’s MSc research will look at the net life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Canadian organic field crop production systems. This nation-wide project will use the collaborate efforts of three Canadian Universities to quantify net cradle-to-farm gate life cycle GHG emissions for the six+ major organic field crops and, where sufficient data are available, analyze the influence of agronomic setting, rotation composition, production technologies, and farmer expertise on net GHG intensity. Emily hopes that by conducting this research, key characteristics and best management practices can be identified in organic cropping systems which will enable farmers to preferentially adopt the most innovative technologies/practices in pursuit of low GHG emission farming. After pursuing her MSc, Emily’s current plans include continuing her education. In her free time, Emily enjoys exploring all the great places in Nova Scotia.


Bamber, N., Johnson, R., Laage, E., Dias, G., Tyedmers, P., Pelletier, N. (2022). Life cycle inventory and emissions modelling in organic field crop LCA studies: review and recommendations. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 185: 106465. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.resconrec.2022.106465