Headshot of Cynthia Kallenbach

Cynthia Kallenbach

Position: Assistant Professor; Natural Resource Science, McGill University

Soil biogeochemistry, soil ecology, soil organic matter, plant-soil-microbial interactions

About Cynthia Kallenbach

Cynthia Kallenbach joined McGill’s Department of Natural Resource Sciences as an Assistant Professor in 2018. Her research integrates soil ecology and biogeochemistry to understand soil organic matter turnover and accumulation and microbial-plant interactions affecting carbon and nutrient cycling under land use and global change. She received her BSc degree (Geography) from Sonoma State University, California. She earned two MSc at University of California-Davis in International Agriculture Development and in Soil Biogeochemistry, and her PhD from the University of New Hampshire in Earth and Environmental Science. Before coming to McGill, she was a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University.

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