Claire Parker

M.Sc. Student, University of Guelph
Supervisor: Dr. Claudia Wagner-Riddle

About Claire Parker

This is Claire Parker, currently doing her master’s in Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph. She graduated from Carleton University this past Fall with a bachelor’s in Biology. She was born and raised in Ottawa and has been doing her master’s remotely in Ottawa at the Experimental Farm, where the lab she is doing her experiments is located. She focuses on finding novel additives that reduce methane production from dairy manure. For the Fall 2024 semester, she is living in Guelph to do her courses in person. After the CREATE program, Claire is interested in any environmental research and getting as much experience in the field and lab as possible. She would like to experience fieldwork out in nature to combine work and being outside together. Claire enjoys hiking, camping, and being in nature, where she can take her Nikon camera.