Anne Overgaard-Thomsen

Undergraduate Research Student, Dalhousie University
Supervisor: Dr. Peter Tyedmers

About Anne Overgaard-Thomsen

Anne is originally from Toronto, Ontario but now lives in Halifax where she attends Dalhousie University. She is going into the 4th year of her Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biology and Sustainability. After working as an URSA research student this summer, Anne plans to complete her honours thesis in sustainability focusing on research in the future of food systems and how life cycle assessment can be used to better compare different methods of farming. She became interested in this topic when learning about the intersection of biology and sustainability and how they influence each other in food systems. This past semester Anne was on exchange at Aarhus University in Denmark and after her undergraduate degree, she hopes to return to Denmark to complete a masters degree in sustainable agriculture. In her spare time, Anne enjoys camping, hiking and photography.