Addressing climate change through soil science training

The CREATE in Climate-Smart Soils (CREATE-CSS) is the first multi-institutional soil-centered program to address the need for highly qualified personnel training to sustainably lead Canada’s agri-food sector.

The first soil-centered program to address the need for highly qualified personnel training in Canada’s agri-food sector.


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Our team

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Scholars will carry out research to achieve the following:


Science-Based Soil Management

Enhance the scientific basis for development and design of climate-smart soils.


Practical & Relevant Soil Tools

Improve and develop tools, models, indicators and metrics relevant for the assessment of climate-smart soils that are practical and relevant for stakeholders.


Integrate to Innovate

Integrate socio-economic, gender and diversity analysis in the design and assessment of climate-smart soil practices leading to innovation in agricultural systems.


Through training modules, a specialized core course and internships with industry, the CREATE-CSS program aims to complete these objectives.

01. Train HQP to have a deep understanding of soil greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration mechanisms by using novel techniques, and to establish Canada as a leader in climate-smart soils science

02. Provide systems-based training for HQP to conceptualize and create more durable and resilient future solutions for climate-smart soils nationally and globally

03. Equip HQP with knowledge in carbon protocol development, greenhouse gas inventory analysis, implementation metrics and policy development for climate change reduction target achievements

04. Provide training in the use of climate-smart soils knowledge from gender and diversity perspectives;

05. Equip HQP with effective professional skills to enable implementation of climate-smart soil practices in the agri-food sector.